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Gulangyu Island
Gulangyu Island, one of 35 key national scenic resorts, covers an area of 1.78 square kilometers. It enjoys a pleasant climate with agreeable subtropical island flavor, and therefore is known as the Garden on the Sea.
The Islet presents to the visitors the creams of both oriental and occidental cultures, and the Island of Pianos and Music Town are only two of its many eulogies for charm and romance. A wealth of buildings with exotic architecture styles spark around the Islet, adding to its credit as the Museum of Architecture. The beauties of Shuzhuang Garden and Haoyue Garden, as well as the shining night scenes amid elegant atmosphere for pedestrians, all make your trip memorable and impressive.
Bus Route: Take bus 29\751
Huandao Road
one of the tourist roads huanhai scenery in Xiamen, through the nearly 470000 square meters of green and sketch fully embodies the subtropical scenery, embodies the characteristics of Xiamen, formed a set of sightseeing and leisure entertainment as one of the coastal corridor.
Nanputuo Temple 、Xiamen university
Bus Route: Take bus 29
Zhongshan Road
  中山路步行街是厦门最老牌的商业街,人流旺,商品多,名气大. 中山路的建筑都是骑楼,骑楼是欧陆建筑与东南亚地域特点相结合的一种建筑形式,大约在鸦片战争后就传入鼓浪屿和厦门。这种建筑有着浓郁的南洋风情。
Bus Route: Take bus 29

Day 1
Day:Tulou (2 hours driving distance)
Evening :Huandao Road (walk around the beach)
Day 2
Day: Gulanyu Island (6km) Nanputuo temple (5.8km) Xiamen University
Evening: Xidi Coffee street
Night life Haiwan Park
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